Make plugin work again?

There used to be this really nice 2D drafting application for owncloud:

And the source code of the system can e found here:

I think this has potential for a really nice owncloud app.


We’d be interested in something like this, although is slightly more complicated than our ideal - more wanted something like the shared equivalent of a whiteboard we can share ideas with, but still stored, and probably as versions.

Here you go:

I’m in the process of submitting it to the official App Store, but it may take a while.


Great, thanks a lot! Have you tested it with a local install of on the same server as Nextcloud?

Yes, I’ve tested it with both instances ( and with my local version of
You can specifiy the App URL in the Admin Settings.

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Doh, I just got mine working. The only thing I am stuck on was the custom mime type, since I don’t want it to open generic xml files. I also did 99% of mine in javascript using the remote server.