Make an app for "Zim Wiki"

Your statement appears to a lazy lie.

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2017 - a very active year

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don’t call random people liars, if you don’t know what are you talking about.
I don’t dig very hole if someone works on a software, the versions which are distributed to install are still from 2015!
Additional to that even in that release list of that link above there is a huge gap between '15 and '17

Another option could be this:

This looks more like a notes app. It is compatible with the Nextcloud Notes app as said here tough:

I saw you were talking about deic’s files_picocms. Please have a look to this work in progress:

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Ah, so this is being promoted to an official app? Pretty cool :slight_smile:

But why no documentation on the github page?

Not really promoted, the app is a complete rewrite from scratch.

And I will work on the documentation/screenshots later today.

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Ok, that’s great as well.

Humble request: any chance to include this by default: ?

No, but Admin should be able to add plugins to the list

@Cult Nice that this app gets official support now. Hopefully it will be released to the app store soon.

The cms_pico app is now available on the app store !


Is a CMS really a replacement for a wiki though? I mean I know that a CMS can be used in a wiki like fashion but it doesn’t have the built in hyperlink between articles type mark up that something like Wikipedia has right?

Well, the only similarity will be the use of markdown language. The different platforms use MD differently though. Mediawiki and DokuWiki for instance use separate languages, so too Pico CMS.

But specifically my question is does it have the auto hyperlinking in it’s MD the same way that most wikis do? You know how like on wikimedia wikis you can just write [[this]] and it will automatically link to the aritcle called “This” or if that doesn’t exist already it will create it?

Let’s not lose track of where this post was originally heading. Zim is a very convenient and effective notes program, able to be used easily by the non-coding masses. It’s inclusion in the Nextcloud eco system is highly desirable.

Although @nobicycle made it clear that the project is indeed alive, even if it weren’t, so what? The program works brilliantly as it is!

I’ve tried almost countless times but I’ve yet to appreciate the benefits(?) of Markdown. As a “hunt and peck typist”, I’ve only experienced utter frustration and time wastage whenever I’ve tried such apps. I’d rather type my actual message rather than a bunch of formatting code! If ever I need to format something, I’ll just use the GUI. This is why I’ve not embraced any of the current Nextcloud note editors. I think that I probably speak for many users out there.

Nothwithstanding eliminating the inconvenience of Markdown notes apps, Zim has the added benefit having wiki functionality. Check it out for yourselves: The best thing is that it’s cross-platform; I use it on my Linux box as well as on my Apfel. Unfortunately, I sorely miss it on my Android shu fone.

It would be a happy day indeed when somebody would incorporate the guts of Zim into a Nextcloud app!

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@Cult Are you saying that the Pico CMS app will allow us to access all our Zim wiki notes from within Nextcloud?

The wiki functionality is the most important thing to me. I like having both a visual editor and markdown options but either way the important thing is wiki linking which I can see from your link Zim does have. But does Pico CMS? If Pico doesn’t then I think there’s a very strong case to say that Pico doesn’t actually support the functionality that a dedicated wiki app for NextCloud needs.

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i know old threat but…

i’m a zim wiki user and fan, and am also interested in working this out…

but for my use case, an nc in-browser app isn’t that crucial, unless i’m misunderstanding this thread, as i tend to avoid brower interaction w nc as much as possible. what wd be awesome wd be a way to work on zim wiki things via a mobile app, of whatever kind, rendered or no, thru nc or no. some ppl are kinda working on an actual zim one, but its not rly going anywhere. but i thought it wdnt necessarily need to be a full featured zim app, just a way to tinker while on the move…

@thedonquixotic yes zim does wiki linking, thats what makes it blow the socks of other note taking apps imho. it’s also v light and agile.

has anyone tried a webDAV note-taking app linked to their zim files syned on nc?

@just how did you end up going with using pico cms to host zim? i wonder if it works and also if it facilitates mobile editing…

I haven’t had a chance to test the latest github pre-release, but Pico is being heavily rewritten with a lot of new functionality.

You’ll need to build the app from Git directly.

There is also an active thread about testing the new Pico app here: