Make an app for "Zim Wiki"

I use Nextcloud to sync my Notes made with “Zim Wiki” ( between multiple computers (works great!).
It would be cool to have a WYSIWYG-Editor (including images) as a Nextcloud App for Zim Wiki.


i created an issue at to get in touch for cooperation if desired

perhaps you might look at qownnotes, which is still in active development, zim seems to be end of life.
Additional to that, qownnotes has a nc-plugin for serverside administering the notes (sync has to be done with the nc-client)

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If you want a wiki, you could try this app and tell us how well it works with Nextcloud:

I already tried qownnotes months ago but felt more comfortable with zim wiki. Maybe i’ll give it another try someday

Yes its true, zim is easier to use and less cluttered, but as it’s more or less dead, you should evaluate alternatives before its too late.

I downloaded the zip, moved it to my apps folder, renamed it to ‘wiki’, and then tried to enable it. I got this error:

Could not download app picocmsapp

Is this a “you should edit a file to move OC apps to NC” or is it a “OC apps don’t work on NC any more” kind of situation?

Well, I found this improved version that should work with Nextcloud here:

Thanks for the link @alfred but it didn’t work. I may have installed it wrong so I’m not sure. I followed his install instructions as best as I could decipher. I’ve created an issue so hopefully I’ll get more detail on how to fix/install it right.

Also, how did you find that app since it wasn’t in the app store, for future reference? Did you just do a Google search for “Pico CMS Nextcloud” or something more sophisticated?

The foldername shouldn’t be files_picocms ?

The app folder name is called “files_picocms” but the content is stored in a folder called “PicoCMS” in my user’s files share.

The content shouldn’t be in another folder. If you open the files_picocms folder, you should see all files/folders you have in the app (like on

So the content files aren’t accessible via the Files app then? Have you done this and got it working? This line of the install instructions is why I have a copy in my synced Files section:

Copy the folder samplesite to the folder of some user (it will be shared with users)

I should note, I did leave the folder ‘samplesite’ in the folder under apps/files_picocms and placed a copy of it in my synced files, but it still didn’t render anything when I tried it.

When I understand the manual correctly, you create a folder samplesite in the main folder of one Nextcloud user (not in the app-folder). In the app configuration, you have to set the id of this user (username).

I haven’t used the wiki so far. I could test it at some point, not sure when I’ll find some time…

Your statement appears to a lazy lie.

41 contributors.
2017 - a very active year

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don’t call random people liars, if you don’t know what are you talking about.
I don’t dig very hole if someone works on a software, the versions which are distributed to install are still from 2015!
Additional to that even in that release list of that link above there is a huge gap between '15 and '17

Another option could be this:

This looks more like a notes app. It is compatible with the Nextcloud Notes app as said here tough:

I saw you were talking about deic’s files_picocms. Please have a look to this work in progress:

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Ah, so this is being promoted to an official app? Pretty cool :slight_smile:

But why no documentation on the github page?