Major upgrade of nextcloud

I have Nextcloud version 17 and I need to upgrade it to the latest one version 20. How can I properly do this?

I’d recommend backing up, then updating version by version. So 18, 19, then 20. Cheers and happy new years!

how do i update version by version? just download the zip and physical copy over?

You’ll need to read the documentation. Haven’t had any trouble with it myself. :slight_smile:

i read it and i am still getting errors that apps need to be updated. there is no way for me to set the version to update via command line neither.

Jumping multiple major releases is not supported afaik. :frowning: You’ll need to migrate numerical iteration by iteration. Hopefully someone else can provide more incite! Good luck.

You want to use the command line ?

Because if you use the web interface updater, it shows you the good version to update to. And, like just said, you will go to 18.x to 19.x to the last 20.x.