Maintenance mode - PHP error via TrueNAS

Error: thevoicevloud failed Exception: RuntimeError Message: pkg error: - nextcloud-php80 :,php80-pecl-imagick-3.7.0_2 :,php80-bcmath :,php80-gmp :,php80-pcntl :,php80-pecl- redis: Refusing to fetch the artifact and run! Partial plugin destroyed

This Error within Truenas

How to solve, please?

Delete the app and reinstall.

  1. open truenas shell
  2. wget
  3. change nextcloud.json,(input : ee ./nextcloud.json) line 25 packagesite, replace “latest” with “quarterly”
  4. iocage fetch -P ./nextcloud.json --name Nextcloud
    Also in the nextcloud.json file, I had to change the release to “13.2-RELEASE” and under “properties” I replaced what was there with “vnet”:1 and “dhcp”:1