Maintenance:install in Debian 10 with Nextcloud 17.0.1


OS: Debian 10
NC Version:
Webserver: Apache
PHP Version: 7.3

I have a Problem with the maintenance:install command from occ, when I add attributes like –database-user or –database-pass to the command, it doesnt write those into the config.php file. So i get an internal server-error, because the server cant access the database.
When i add Database-user and Database-Password manually to NC config.php it works.

Someone know this issue?

Greetings Raphael

which database are you using?


I’m using MySQL.

and what is the exact error message?

btw: it’s –-database-user or –-database-pass

I dont really get a error message, it just says internal server error when i go to NC website. But when I look into config.php file from NC i see that the database name and password isnt correct, when i write the correct ones in the file it works.

Yes im using --database-user and --database-pass.

do you use any special character in the values of db name and/or password that needs quoting on the shell?

is your database and the config file “empty” when you run the occ command?

Maybe the password but I already quoted it, but I used a password that doesnt need quoting on, and it doesnt work.

The database is empty yes and the config.php file also doesnt exist before running the occ command.