Maintain folder hierachie - from sharees' point of view

uff, is there a noun for people I share folders to? I just took “sharee” (-:

For different Reasons we won’t use the Groupfolders App – but still I’d like to make sure a person see shared subfolders in the context of the original hierachie.

The permissions-workaround would force us to set 20 new groups a year and has the disadvantage that the non-permitted subfolders are still seen by sharees and I would like to have them invisible in order to have a clearer structure for the mayority of sharees compared to the “full load” of our “CEO-View”.

CEO-View (shared only bold folders):

  • H1: First folder
    Single files
    • H2: Second folder
      Single files
      *H3: *Third folder
      Single files

Current view sharee:

  • H1: Third folder
    Single files

Desired View:

  • H1: First folder
    • H2: Second folder
      *H3: Third folder
      Single files

Rename “folder 3” to “folder 1 - folder 2 - folder 3” and then share it.

Ok. The CEO view is then not too nice.

folder 1
folder 2
folder 1 - folder 2 - folder 3

We are talking of severel thousands of (existing) folders
Further: Putting the information where to data belong into the folder name is additionally ok, actually we are already doing this but it is not helping to solve my problem.

We have participants that take part in 2-15 of our yearly activities. Since 2012. I’d like to have their view to be ordened by year, activity, media etc, too.

So, e.g.:

  • 2012 MUT-TOUR
    • Race 1
      • MT12 Photos Race 1
        • MT12 Photos Race 1 public
        • MT12 Photos Race 1 private

BUT in between those folders are other CEO-only folders! The latter shall be invisible to the participants. But still the shall enter their nextcloud with a clear view

  • 2012 MUT-TOUR
  • 2013 MUT-TOUR
  • etc.
  • 2020 MUT-TOUR

and not a mess of different folders of different years and hierachies…

PS: Cool that you shared a practical example - that should become standard!

No really nice idea. But perhaps you can create a second structure with emty folders and bookmarks to “folder 3” on second layer in empty “folder 2”.

Sorry. This app is not on Tab.Digital. And a screenshot from my private nextcloud is not possible from actual working tablet.

Link is “folder.url” and it is not a real nextcloud hierarchy.