Main window not showing many icons after reinstall

After reinstalling my OS, Nextcloud just won’t let me add other accounts anymore since I just don’t see some of the icons / menu entries:

The “Talk” and “Settings” icons are missing as well ass the “Add account…” menu entry. Does anyone have an idea here?

Thanks in advance.

Directly in the line under your account, you can normally add a new account. Is there just a problem with the symbol missing? If you click in the white space, does anything happen?

If you have the client version and perhaps if you see any errors in the logs?

No, unfortunately I can’t click anything in the white space below my account.

By the way my version is 3.10.0 (KDE) (flatpak).

Logging apparently doesn’t work as well. When I check the box to activate temporary logging and afterwards “Open folder”, nothing happens, and a /var/tmp/Nextcloud-logdir folder doesn’t exist.

EDIT: When running nextcloud via cli, the only output I get is qt.qpa.qgnomeplatform: Could not find color scheme "".

With the error, you can find: [Bug]: UI Eliments not visible in Dark or Light mode on Linux flatpak · Issue #5847 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Not sure if this applies directly, don’t hesitate to look around on the bug tracker and open your own issue if you don’t find anything matching.