Main Data Storage

Thank you to the nextcloud team. I have been looking for something like this for ages, trying to reduce reliance (and cost) on google and drop box.

The nextcloud install is running as a dedictated vm on enterprise web server>vmware esxi VM>ubuntu 18.04 server edition sitting behind pfsense firewall appliance on a giga network. I have just completed install and have the system working great including sub.domain name link with full ssl.

My enterprise server is built for low latency with full ssd raid, its quick for web serving but not huge in terms of space. The lan network also has a separate freenas box which sits inside the trusted local network with a large storage 8tb (4 disk raid) + 8tb single disk. The raid is used for file local sharing and second disk is used for daily backups across the network . Whilst the users do have openvpn access to the lan (therefore freenas), we are installing nextcloud to provide improved user functionality, particularly for remote access and file sharing for teams.

Question:- I want all nextcloud storage to be located on separate box, my freenas linux box to be previce. What would be the recommended way to achieve this?

I would like all of our user data located on the freenas box, not on the main server. I cant seem to get the external storage plugin to work yet, have some issues with smbclient which I need to troubleshoot later. In any event, my preference is have the freenas box act as the principal and only storage so not sure this is relevant anyway?

I know I can install nextcloud on freenas box but prefer to use the web server for next cloud install as this sits inside my dmz and is locked down hard with security carefully managed in this environment. I would prefer users interface here from the outside world. I would then open my firewall with only one link between Nextcloud (DMZ) and the freenas data storage (lan).

If you have a better plan, please advise!

Thanks for your thoughts!