Mailvelope not working with Nextcloud Mail, will not detect and decrypt the body attachment

I have IMAP and SMTP email account setup successfully with the mail app. I use GPG and am trying to use Mailvelope however it is not working.

I have the Mailvelope extension installed in my browser. It works as expected with my webmail client. It does not work with Nextcloud mail.

When I click on an email in the mail app, I see an empty body with an attachment icon (with encrypted.asc). Mailvelope is not detecting the PGP attachment and displaying it.

If I click the Mail app “reply” button, I see the red Mailvelope icon in the upper left with the text “write a secure email” This will open a Mailvelope window but the recipient and contents are blank. Does this suggest the apps are integrated?

If I click on the three dot menu at the bottom, one of the menu entries is “Looking for a way to encrypt your emails” Install the Mailvelope extension" Does this suggest that Nextcloud is not integrated with Mailelope?

In mailvelope, I have authorized this domain and selected the the API switch as described here:

I am definitely not seeing the “refined experience” as described in this article but I can’t find out what to do next. Is it not working at all or partially working?

Mail App version: 1.9.3
Nextcloud: 21.0.0
Security and Setup warning: All checks passed
Logs: no relevant mail errors

This is a new installation.

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Having the same issue. Can’t send encrypted messages with Mailvelope API, when I switch the API off, the Mailvelope compose message is not transferred into Nextcloud Mail compose.
With Mailvelope API, encrypted message are not decrypted, with Mailvelope API off, it decrypts messages inline.

Nextcloud 21.0.2
Mail App: 1.9.5
Mailvelope: 4.4.1

@adi-dev and @ioonextcloud any solution could you found on this issue?