Mailsetup via SMTP, where to find Log of all sent mails?


i’ve a issue regarding the E-Mails sent by nextcloud. I send via SMTP, but where to find the log of the sent mails? I use CentOS 7. I’m not able to find the location of the mail.log. Postfix-Logs are like defualt at /var/log/maillog… Can anybody help me here?

Are you looking for the Nextcloud log? That would be the data/nextcloud.log file, though I’m not sure it logs SMTP transactions.

For server logs, it depends on your MTA. Typically logs are in /var/log/*. As you mentioned, postfix is /var/log/maillog.

Perhaps if you explain the issue with more detail, we could help better.

Sorry for that. I mean the nextcloud-Mails. Mails that are sent by nextcloud. I activated the mmail_debug-Parameter at config.php. Now nc generates a logentry for Mails about Sharing new Files. But i do not see the activity-report Mails. And there is also the problem. The Activity-Summefry which can be definded by the users (once per hour/day…) is sent less often as configured by the users. Also the timestamps of that activities in the mails (when they are sent) are wrong. 2 hours earlier, biut in the stream, the timestamp is correctly. apache timezone correct, OS using internal NTP.

And i need to see, if the mail is sent from nc to exchange, because exchange is here another departmen :wink:

Make sure that your cronjob runs often enough because it sends the e-mails.

No idea why the activity mails don’t show up in the log. In doubt, you should open a github issue (either they forgot it or there is a good reason not to do so). As a workaround, you could use ssmtp to deliver mail, it has logging features and passes all mail to another mailserver.

which user`s cron? I can’t find any jobs:

[root@datenportal apps]# crontab -l
no crontab for root
[root@datenportal apps]# crontab -l -u apache
no crontab for apache

EDIT: forget my stupid question :wink:

You need to setup a cron job running as the same user Nextcloud is running as. See