Mailing-list with adress-book

Hi folks,

I was asked to set up a mailing-list which not only contains mail-addresses but also name, phone, city,… and it should be as easy as possible to send an email to all actual members of that list (my friends aren’t familiar with DAV).
So a normal mailing-list with an address to send messages to isn’t enough, because it does not contain further information about the members.
A NC Addressbook isn’t enough neither, as the button “write to all” or, even better, an implemented mailing-list isn’t present.

A simple google-spreadsheed is out due to privacy-reasons.
Using NC carddav and a simple mail-filter in my mail-client (KMail) doen’t work, because KAddressbook does not recognize NC contact-groups in a way I could use them in KMail.

Did I missed a function in NC or even a little app? (Listman seems not to be massive developed in such a direction.)
Do you have other ideas how to achieve a solution?

Many thanks in advance,

I’d go for a real mailing list that is designed to do all this (manage members, manage bounces etc.) like mailman. Typically, they only store a user name, not more related information (in terms of privacy, it’s also good that mailman just has the required information and nothing more).

Just one idea, you could manage the user/contacts in LDAP, Mailman is then connected to this LDAP as well as a Nextcloud app to manage it. Or without LDAP, you manage the whole stuff in a Nextcloud app and control mailman via API.

It also depends a bit, who manages the list, then perhaps easier to implement and hackier solutions exist.