Mail without nextcloud


I was wondering whether it is possible to run a nextcloud mail instance without nextcloud. I was hoping to use it as a webmail client seperate from nextcloud.


Install RoundCube or any other webmail client instead of NextCloud? I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

I want to be able to install nextcloud’s mail client exactly like roundcube or any other webmail client. I like its UI much more than the others and that’s why I would like to be able to configure it standalone, separate from the nextcloud files and extra bloat not needed for the mail app. Is this possible?

afaik it’s not possible.

but since the code is open source you could grab ist and try to make a standalone version out of it. sure enough a hell of work


this is not possible. The app is actually more a plugin than something standalone, thus heavily relies on Nextcloud code in the back-end.

I hope this makes sense.

Oh right, I heard this is initially based on Horde. Do you think it is worth my time to try to fork it into a standalone app? How difficult do you think it could be?

We base the IMAP communication on Horde. The rest of the Application is based on Nextcloud’s App Framework.

I would not put too much hopes into getting this app into a standalone application easily. All of the request lifecycle, filesystem integration, request handling and so on is tailored specifically to work within Nextcloud.

Oh I see… fair enough =(

Do any of you devs know of a slimmed down version of nextcloud?

Anyways thanks all for the clarifications.
Nextcloud is amazing and so is the mail plugin thanks everyone

Nextcloud is very modular. Just turn off any apps that are optional and you’ll have your slimmed down version :slight_smile:

Not really the solution I was hoping for but tysm for all the help!

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