Mail with local server

I instal this app mail in nextcloud 17 and i want used that with local server is possible ? If yes how confighration without internet**


yes, this should be possible. But don’t use the automatic configuration but directly go to manual to insert your account settings.

Does that work for you?

I did not find the settings and is first time i used that can you tel me what i do ?

Go to the app’s page via the mail icon in the navigation bar. Then you should see a page with a form. There are two tabs auto/manual and you should pick the manual one.

Not work
They show me "creating account failed: error conecting to mail server "

Double-check if the parameters are correct. Then take a look at data/nextcloud.log and see if anything insightful shows for the request that creates the account.

The last resort is to enable debug mode and check data/horde_imap.log and data/horde_smtp.log.

Iam new of this app nextcloud and linux and i install nextcloud with ubuntu serveur 18 but not install mail server they someone should be instal mail server but i can’f find good mail server for instal

From personal experience I wouldn’t recommend running your own mail server. It sounds easier than it is. Just go to a cheap and trustworthy hoster and let them do it :wink:

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