Mail setup error

I got my nextcloud installed on my local machine, and was able to connect to it from the outside also.
Anyway I got an error while trying to setup the mail delivery:
“Unable to connect with TLS encryption”

Well I checked with my mail agents and can use it from kmail, gnus etc. But in the nextcloud error protocoll thersi is this log entry:
stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1409442E:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert protocol version at /home/homeCloud/3rdparty/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Transport/StreamBuffer.php#95

And also I was able to integrate mail into my nextcloud installation, but the same things which do work, seem to be wrong in the setup for nextcloud itself. Does anyone have an idea what I can do about it?


hey friedrich…

a bit more of information about your set-up/envorinment would be very helpful, generally.

if you speak german (like your screenname kinda implies) you might get on with this thread --> Email Server STMP funktioniert nicht

Nun ich werde mal schauen ob ich da noch etwas weiter komme. derzeit fällt mir
nicht ein was ich das noch hinzufügen sollte. Der mailserver erwartet ein starttls und das habe ich eingestellt. Die Zugangsdaten sind bekannt und genau diese Zugangsdaten arbeiten z.B mit kmail oder auch mit gnus…

wir wissen immer noch nichts über deine umgebung und das setup deines systems…

Any updates? Did you solve the problem?

as we don’t have enough information on this problem it’s like using a fortuneteller trying to find out about the exact problem.
i assumed it could be a problem with the ssl-certificate. but - as i said… i’m just trying to use a chrystal ball.

so if you are facing a similar problem, don’t hesitate to give out some more information about your setting and evironment and then we’ll see…

Nun was fĂĽr Informationen kann ich Ihnen sonst schicken? Zugangsdaten sind mir bekannt. Wo genau soll ich in nextcloud was drucken fĂĽr etwaig hilfreihe Informationen?

go and install app “issue-template” as a first step and then go and fill in the missing data in there and copy it’s output here.