Mail setup connection

I have mail server setup and working with Amazon SES but I’m having trouble connecting it with nextcloud. In manual mail connection setup I think i have the smtp settings correct
smtp host:
starttls: 587
smtp user: (IAM user from aws)
smtp password: (from /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd)

but what is the imap host, user and password?

By my NC basic settings for email work and i receive:
If you received this email, the email configuration seems to be correct.

If there was a better tutorial for this it would be easier for people.
thank you

It’s the same as if you set up the account on your phone. SMTP is for sending email. IMAP is for reading it. You’ll have to look to your service provider’s documentation for the proper settings.

i am the service provider. ubuntu, postfix
could you help me

Okay, I’m a little confused as to your setup. You’re using your own mail system hosted on AWS but authenticating with an AWS account?

In any case, if it’s your own system, then the IMAP settings will be according to your own server configuration.

I just did a simple setup based off
I guess i’m asking a linux question. Come to think of it i dont think iv’e ever connected to my own mailserver before, but i imagine NC would be same as connecting thunderbird to it.

If you could help me i would appreciate very much

thank you

It sounds like you didn’t install an IMAP service on your server. You’ll need to set up dovecot or something similar.

I did but i messed it up. maybe ill give this another try when i start on Oracle’s new free cloud