Mail Server recommendations

Hello everyone.

I am looking for some advice.
I am currently using Google Workspace for my email, calendar, contacts, etc., as I got it for free years ago when it was still G Suite.

It’s been great for when it was just me, but I am looking at expanding my business now. I believe I can have up to 10 users (I am not there yet), but there are a lot of features which are locked to me, such as being able to send emails via apps (such as with WordPress and Gitlab).
It’s very strange, coupled with some changes they’ve made and some things which don’t work (did you know that Google Home doesn’t work with business accounts?)

I don’t use the drive or files really, since I’m in web development. I currently run my own Gitlab server from home, literally just a couple of ethernet cables away, and set up a Dynamic DNS script to update the DNS records each morning (just in case it changes). This is fine for now, as there isn’t a lot of traffic.
I use that for repo, project management, issue track and the wiki for documentation.

I also use Slack.

I believe that Nextcloud Hub would work really well to pull things together. I still plan to have Gitlab as is. The only problem is that I don’t know what route to take for a mail server, and would like some recommendations.

I generally host services on DigitalOcean, and have an on-site server for Gitlab. I was wondering if it’s worth going for a paid email service, hosting one myself (I’ve seen a thread on here about that), or whether or not to be on-site or external (either dedicated or another droplet).

I use as my own mail server. This is basically an install script that converts an Ubuntu 18.04 server into a fully equipped mail server. It can also do your complete DNS management, or you can use that from your domain registrar. However, running your own mail server is not trivial, even with a solution like this one. For example, if you don’t want your outgoing mails get blocked by other mail providers, you need a static IP that doesn’t appear on any blacklists. I guess a Digitial Ocean Droplet would work for this. If you decide to go for it, test the IP of your new droplet before you install everything. If your IP is on one of the lists, just create a new droplet and test again. :wink:

Other projects that are worth looking at:

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