Mail Server + Nextcloud for de-googling

Hi friends!
I’m looking for a server mail for UNIX, easy to maintain and well protected (spam, hacks, etc). The goal is to combine mail + Nextcloud to disconnect completely with google.

What is the best solution?


If you’re okay with using docker give a try.

i’d kindly ask you to search the forum for that matter…
there already are threads shining some light onto that wish.

in short: i’d nt recommend anyone (even less any rookie) trying to run their own, homehosted mailserver as they will experience severe problems with their outgoing email being refused as spam by many other mailservers.

so if you wanna leave google regarding email it would be better to find yourself ain idependent mailhoster.

Many thanks, I’ll try :smiley:

The point is: I’m testing with my company account, but, the final goal is to deliver a service for other companies to do the same. Then, I need a scalable server mail, at similar gmail level.

you’re aware of the fact that this is the community-forum for homeusers?
so if you’d want to offer a “service” to other companies you might wanna talk to the guys of nextcloud gmbh for a quote on professional help? i consider it to be just fair.

and even if this is intended for homeusers you could try to find some information here, though…

Thanks for the advice, I wasn’t aware of that, I’ll talk with them of course :slight_smile:

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Nextcloud support is for help with Nextcloud. I doubt they will set up a for-profit 3rd-party mail system…

Take a look at mailcow.

Regarding being flagged as spam and such, that’s mainly only if you mess up the mail server setup, don’t have proper DNS, etc.

being an homeuser with daily changing IP-address you’d need to put more effort into it than just setting it up correctly.

I personally have my emails there and am very glad i went there. cool guy. great support

Actually, it is for a non-profit company to achieve that mission.

Sorry for don’t explain myself pretty well…my intention is to use Nextcloud + mail server in order to help users to de-google. I think it is not unfair, but the opposite, my point is the Internet without Google will be much better.

Thanks for mailcow!

If you set your DNS records with a 30min TTL and stay on top of DDNS then it will be invalid at most 30 min with each change. And many providers don’t change daily. My cable internet goes weeks or months at a time without changing.

Sounds like a good plan. Consider getting a business internet package with a static IP and a lot of this will be easier and more stable.

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Take a look at

iRedMail might also be another option.