Mail server Configuration keeps resetting

6 months ago I added my SMTP configuration. Back then I used iCloud as my SMTP server, but recently changed to Zoho. However when I edit the Email Server settings in the dashboard, it does say it’s saved, but when I reload it just shows me the iCloud configuration again. Fine I thought, I’ll just edit it in the /var/www/html/config/config.php file. Then I restarted the docker container and boom, again the iCloud config even though in the config file it still shows me my Zoho config!! Then after a while I thought maybe it’s something with the ENV variables, so I checked the environment, and surely there it is, the iCloud config in my ENV! so I then exported the correct information to my ENV variables, made sure again that the config file also contains the correct information, and I restarted the docker container again. You would never guess what happened. Obviously it again shows me my iCloud config in the dashboard, and somehow my ENV variables are also set back to the iCloud config, while my config file still has the correct information! What in the world is going on??? How can I stop it from constantly overwriting my own settings? I tried doing a full reboot of my whole computer/server, but then my config file had the smtp config set to iCloud config (something of NextCloud did this, as before I edited the config file, my smtp settings were somewhere in the middle of the file but I moved them to the end of the config file and then edited it from iCloud to Zoho, so since the smtp config was still at the bottom of the config file, it means the whole file didnt reset, but something actually just overwrote my config in the config file).

So please tell me, what is doing me all this mental damage? Can someone please tell me what file or ENV variable I need to change so it will stop constantly overwriting my own config.