Mail send button greyed out


I’ve an issue with the default email client. The account has been configured properly but I can’t send any email. The reason is simple: the send button is greyed out.

Any idea ?


I’ve the same isssue. I can only send mails to people who are in the address book. If I only enter an unknown recipient address, the button turns gray.

That isn’t true from my experience.

Yes, the button is grey after typing an email address.

Then click into the address field and select the address.

Button turns black and you can send your email.

Tested with mail app v1.3.2 some minutes ago.

Ok, i will confirm that. But something confuses people and produces unnecessary questions. The ease of use is modest. If I enter an address, I would like to be able to send immediately.

You are absolutly right.

Feel free to report this here:

Please check already existing issues before filing new one to avoid dups.

This bug ist related to


Yep, this confuses colleagues every time.