Mail notifications for Zimbra users


I am using Zimbra Drive with NC 17.0.4, and I have 2 questions
When a Zimbra user (connected to NC) wants share a file/folder with another Zimbra user (a user logon at least 1 time in NC), where is no mail notification sent.
Although there is a mail notification send when share is done with a Zimbra user which has never logon NC (or external not zimbra email adress).
Can we change this to get email notification even for Zimbra user known from NC ?
My nextcloud 17.0.4 can be upgraded to 18.0.2
But it seems that Zimbra Drive is not yet ready for NC 18.0.2
Will it be soon ?

Best regards

Due to the fact that Zimbra Drive is a 3rd party app provided “as it”, you can try to ask the contributors of the project if they’re willing to provide an upgrade for Nextcloud 18. Sorry to say, but from my perspective it doesn’t look like an active maintained app anymore.