Mail notifications for updates and notifications?

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 17.0

Hi everybody,

I’m using nextcloud for some years which is usually running smoothly.
I’ve been searching for this option for a long time, but I always interrupt searching after some research with no results. Maybe you can give a statement for it.

In Nextcloud there is an option to configure a mail server (in the settings) to send mails (which is running fine). On the other hand there are update notifications as well as notifications if you log into the web interface (the bell on the upper right corner). Also system or server events can be tracked with a monitoring app.
For every serious administrated system it is usually possible to send mail notifications if there are updates or messages.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find neither an option nor an app to activate mail notifications.
This would be especially important for updates or other notifications. Not everybody logs in into the web interface every day, week or even months.
Is there really no such option?

Best important example is the current security issue where a mail notification would be very nice (Urgent security issue in NGINX/php-fpm).

(I know there are desktop client notifications. But on the one hand they don’t work for me. For whatever reason I never get a messages. But also it is not the same as a mail notification and if it would work you always have to use the desktop client which is not always the case)

Thanks in advance.



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Reading the Nextcloud adminstrator guide is alway a good point to start. You will find the notification settings under Settings > Maintenance > Activities". Make sure that you’ve enable Cron to schedule regular tasks, like sending email notifications etc. Additionally this information might be of interest for you:

Hi j-ed,

thanks for your response. I know the admin guide and searched it as well. The thing with the activity app is that there are only the following events:

  • A file or folder has been shared
  • A new file or folder has been created
  • A file or folder has been changed
  • A file or folder has been deleted
    (and some others but all related to file actions).

I cannot find something which is update or system related.



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These are the activities which are being displayed on my server:

I think the list of activities depends on installed apps. I’ve e.g. installed the following apps which are related to activities and notifications:


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I have not that much options. But even in your list there are mostly file notifications and no update or system related ones. I also have activated the Activity, Notifications, Update notification and Announcement plugin.


I’m running on NC17, and I have exactly the same problem/question, I didn’t find how to have an email when a new upgrade is available.
My mail notification is properly configured, but still didn’t find it.

Thank you in advance

Up. After years ago - still not have a option for enable notification for nextcloud new version update ? Realy?

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