Mail-in-a-box y NextCloud

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He instalado Mail-in-a-Box, y me he llevado la grata sorpresa de descubrir NextCloud de rebote, ya que se instala de forma automática en esta distro. No tenía ni idea de su existencia.
En la parte de administración, me recomienda migrar la BBDD de SQLite a MySQL, incluso vienen las instrucciones, pero como he dicho, al instalarse automáticamente, no tengo ni idea de qué usuario y contraseña usa en la instalación para poder hacer la migración, ya que me da error por desconocer el usuario y la contraseña actual.
He buscado por todas partes y no encuentro respuesta a mi duda.
¿Puede ayudarme alguien?

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Hi @spaserv

Sorry for answering in English, I don’t speak Spanish and I translated your text on

First of all, your question would probably be better asked here

However, as far as I know, the Nextcloud admin account is disabled by default in Mail-in-a-Box. Also, they use Nextcloud only for contacts and calendars, so I think it’s perfectly fine to use SQLite for this particular use case.

Hi @bb77

First of all, many thanks by your promp reply.
Do you know any free drive solution such as NextCloud?

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First of all, I have used Mail-in-a-Box in the past, and I would not recommend to install other software on the same server, for several reasons:

  • Security: The more software you install on a server, the higher the chance that an exploit will somehow compromise the server, and you don’t want that on your mail server .

  • Compexity: More software increases the complexity, which makes the hole setup more error prone

  • Mail-in-a-Box is designed as an appliance: This means if you change configurations on the system where Mail-in-a-Box is running, it can affect the functionality of MiaB. Also many of the configuration files will be overwritten when you update MiaB, which means you have to re-apply yoiur changes after every update.

What you can do though, is unlock the admin account of the Nextcloud instance on your box, which then gives you the ability to use it for more than just contacts and calendar. If you have a relatively moderate number of files, and don’t want to use Office and other additional apps, it should work fine, even with SQLite.

That beeing said, such a setup is considered an unsupported modification by the MiaB devs, but if you search their forums you should be able to find out how to do it, and as far as I remember, there is even a script hidden somewhere on the system to unlock the Nextcloud admin account.

But again, if you want the full Nextcloud experience with all the bells and whistles, or even if you decide to go with another solution, I strongly suggest to run it on seperate server / VPS.

Not really, I use Nextcloud for more than five years now, pretty muchg since the beginning, and never looked that close at other solutions in order to be able to give any recommandations. My recommendation would be to install Nextcloud-AIO on a dedictaed server / VM / VPS. That’s probably the easiest and best solution out there at the moment.

Hi @bb77

One more time, many thanks by your great support!

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