Mail Attachments Missing | Too Small or Zip Issue

NC AIO: 7.11.2
NC Hub: 6 (27.1.5)
Mail App: 3.5.5
OS: Ubuntu 22.02

Everything appears to be working normally. I can send myself files without issue. However – I receive automated reports which are very tiny zipped XML files. These files “disappear” in the NC mail app.

I can see the files when I use a different email client. So I know the files are there.

I suspect that NC is stripping zip files; but I do not have antivirus anything enabled.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

The mail app is virtually unusable. Cache issues, missing messages, ghost messages, no way to disable the thread view, missing attachments. Leave the app and use Snappymail or some other alternative. Issues have been there for years.