Mail App web UI refresh - no webUI refresh since NC and mail app 1.5.0

I have a problem with the version 1.5.0. The mail app doesn’t sync or refresh web UI

I have a problem with the version 1.5.0. I realized that a background job is running. At the table ov_jobs I can see that an update comes every 5 minutes. That’s exact the interval for my cronjob. the column last_check is updatet every 5 minutes. The column last_check is updates every hour.

I also get an browser notification that new mail arrived.

Now the problem. The UI (webInterface) isn’t updatet when I’m in “All Inboxes”. So I can’t see the new mails. Only after refresh the site. I think this can be a bug.

For a single account inbox, everything is fine.
The interface also dosen’t refresh after some ui interaction like “mark as read”, “delete mail” and so on.

mail app 1.5.0
browser edge 86.0.622.43

the notification shows but the email is not added? strange

do you see the notification again and again or just once?

I only get only notification vor every mail.

At the browser log I can see the sync prozess as a HTTP POST …nextcloud/apps/mail/api/mailboxes/179/sync with statiscode 200

The answer contains
mailbox 179 synchronized, 0 new, 20 changed and 0 vanished messages

This repeates nerly every 30 seconds.

I also see an HTTP-Request as GET to …nextcloud/apps/mail/api/messages?mailboxId=31&limit=20
The answer is empty.
This repeates nerly every 30 seconds, too.

When I delete a message I get this log:
HTTP: DELETE …/nextcloud/apps/mail/api/messages/42558
Statuscode: 200
Body: empty

HTTP: GET …/nextcloud/ocs/v2.php/apps/notifications/api/v2/notifications
Statuscode: 304
Body: empty

HTTP: POST …/nextcloud/apps/mail/api/mailboxes/179/sync
Statuscode: 200
Body: JSON {“newMessages”:[],“changedMessages”:[…
[INFO] mail: mailbox 179 synchronized, 0 new, 20 changed and 0 vanished message

HTTP: GET …/nextcloud/apps/mail/api/messages?mailboxId=31&limit=20
Statuscode: 200
Body: []

The message is not removed from the ui. I have to reload it. The the message is away.

I use mail mailserver as IMAP server. So I store many mails on it. It’s possible that there are nearly 1.000 mail in my inbox. I archive mails only one day a month.

Today I update to mail-app 1.6.0
The problem with the interaction in “All Inboxes” is solved there, but I don’t know why.

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Well ideally we’d know why that is but I’d say it’s already a win to see the issue vanished :slight_smile: