Mail app - Several bugs found

I have installed the mail app and added two mail accounts. I have encountered some bugs which I will try to describe below:

  1. If I choose to logout when the mail app is “active”, there is a message: Internal server error, the server could not perform your request (I am adding a screenshot, text in swedish, sorry)

  1. When another mail account is added, there is an error message at the top of the page when a file is shared with another user in the main application:
    "Expected response code 354 but got code “503”, with message "503 5.0.0 Need RCPT (recipient) ".

  2. And a small bug. If I choose a non ecrypted SMTP server when configuring the account. The port number is still set to “587”. Should be “25”. (Screenshot added, “Ingen” in the picture translates to “none” or in this case "no encryption)

No answer here?

I have the mentioned error nr. 1 using my nextcloud:

If i try to log out from the mail-app, a server error is shown.

If i log out from any other app or site, everything is fine.

This problem happens every time, it’s reproducable. Even if the server error is shown, the logout process is completed. But it’s somehow annoying and confusing to have this problem.

I don’t remember when it first happened. I didn’t have this issue from start on, it suddenly appeared. I just updated to the last stable version (14.x), but this error is still there. In the Mail app only, as mentioned.

Help, anyone? What’s wrong here?

It would be great if someone who is involved in the mail app development could take a look at these bugs. For me bug number two is the most annoying. Please help!

Please report bugs at


OK I will :slight_smile:
Bugs reported.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: