Mail-App removing links from email-body

For a couple of versions now (in my installation) the mail-app has been removing hyperlinks from the mail-body. The text makes it look like there was a hyperlink but there is none (eg just in blue). I know it’s best practice to not just load any external stuff into your email reader, but sometimes those links can be quite useful (confirmations etc.)
Is there any way to configure the mail app to show them again? (i.e. config.php, …?) So far i couldn’t find one.
THX for your input!

plain text emails or html?

all of them.
Eg, the notifcation mail i received for your reply contains the footer w/out any links:

Rufe das Thema auf oder antworte auf diese E-Mail, um zu antworten.
Um diese E-Mails abzubestellen, klicke hier.

No links or anything. (Looking at it on my phone with k9-mail i get “tamed-down” html (no pix, but clickable links).)

BUT if i look at the source via the three dots the links are there.
is there any setting i forgot?

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-12-21 14-51-50

it’s a working link for me

yes, i believe that. i can see the html in the sources and in nextcloud.log, but it is not displayed.
is it possible this has something to do with forwarding mails from other accounts? In forwarded mails i get plaintext exclusively, but in mails direclty sent to this address i get somethinh tha looks like a link (even if it’s not clickable)

direct (edited; part of OTRS-notification)
see next post, cannot upload 2nd screenie

the “link” is still not clickable but it looks like one and can be copied.

if you do not know a setting or a solution right away would it be OK for you to continue investigating this issue next year? (on my side it’s not TOP priority.)

then i’d like to thank you and wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

There is no setting for this.

Happy holidays!

it’s been some time but this problem persists (i’m on netxclout 23.04. with verything stable up-to-date now).
No html is displayed/rendered in the email-body (eg download-links), but it is shown in the nextcloud-log.
There is an email stating “Download PDF here” which is intended as a link and the browser-function "show source for this element shows no link (sorry, cannot post source here)
but in the nextcloud-log i can see the whole link; eg|3717334|DCB543E7C8B2D055B468CBD8AFCA9A20D0D5B3127F91335770A9B42F6E17B4CC
and i can copy it from there and it works.
there are really LOTS of HTMLPurifier-entrioes in the log - can it have sht to do with that?
(i forwarded one (formerly html) email to another account and there it arrived as plaintext-only.)
is there anything i can do about this?