Mail app missing (clean NC24 install on mailserver)

Hi, I have done a few testinstalls but finally able to make my server as ready-for-action.

I have an Ubuntu 22.04 lts server (on a laptop) and have installed Postfix with postfixadmin, mysql, php, dovecot etc following most of Linuxbabe’s tutorial, configuring it as virtual mailbox server through Postfixadmin.

Now I’ve added Nextcloud 24, I find that the MAIL app is missing.
It is missing in icon-bar and all available apps lists within NC24.

Is this due to the fact that the server is installed as mailserver? Or is there a bug that I’ve hit?

My goal would be to use NC as integrated system, including mail.

Thank you!

You can install Mail and other app through the App Store or on CLI:

php /path/to/occ app:install mail
php /path/to/occ app:enable mail

I don’t think so. I don’t have a mail server installed and couldn’t find the app either on both of my servers. For some reason it cannot be found using the search function, nor is it listed in the appropriate categories. Both my instances are running the latest Nextcloud 24.0.1.

Hi, unfortunately this did not work, as the app is not visible in the NC app store in my install, nor did it download:
sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/nextcloud/occ app:install mail
Error: Could not download app mail

I’m unclear how to debug this download, so can you point me in a direction how to figure it out?

Thank you.

I have also tried installing app mail using your methods. However, they are not working.

Hi, I had the same problem. I solved it donwloading manually the mail app from
in the apps folder in nextcloud.
cd /nextcloud/apps
tar -xvf mail-v1.13.8.tar.gz

And now you have it.
I can confirm that it is missing in the default installation.

Not sure what you mean by “the default installation”. But in the installation wizard there is a checkbox called “Install recommended apps” at the bottom of the page.

If you had checked that box, the “Hub Package” should have been installed, which includes Calendar, Built-in Collabora Server, Contacts, Mail, Nextcloud Office and Talk. If not all apps from that list were installed during the initial setup, or if the checkbox was unchecked, you can install the missing apps later from the App Store.

If the Mail app doesn’t show up in the App Store or if it fails to install, it’s likely that something in the configuration of your server is causing the problem. On my server (NC 24.0.4) the Mail app does show up in the App Store, so it’s not a general issue.