Mail app design decisions regarding reply/reply all/forward actions

Using the NC mail app now on a regular basis, I was wondering whether it was an intentional design decision to not have reply/reply all/forward actions equally available as primary actions like on most email clients and for the user to decide what actions he wants to take but pre-select “reply all” already as the taken primary action in advance? (When I scroll down in an email, I have the textarea with all recipients already pre-populated.)

Wondering what the idea was behind that. I can imagine that the idea was to implement the behaviour of what’s more known from group chat/messaging applications.

However, imho there are some downsides to this approach:

  • if I want to reply to only the sender and not all (to or cc) recipients, I need to manually select the other recipients by marking them with the mouse and then delete them
  • and the question: why is the forward action not seen as equal as reply / reply all (the forward button is on the left hand side, while the reply button is on the right)

Wondering whether it’s what users would expect from a regular mail client. Personally I’d prefer to having to click one more time but on the other hand, being able to easily choose between reply/reply all/forward - even if in most cases a user would actually use “reply all”, I would still like to give him a choice rather than preselecting his most probable action.

Of course, if every other mail client app is doing something in one way doesn’t necessarily make it the best design decision, but I am just wondering if the current one is really beneficial. The main downside being to not having a regular “reply” (only to sender) action available.




Mail on Mac:

At least, there should be an action button, similar to “forward”, that says “reply” and allows to send a simple reply to only the sender.

Sorry if that opens some kind of old design discussion, I didn’t find anything about it on Github or the forum about it, therefore my question.

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I agree with what is said here.
Expecially für new users like me this seems very inconsistent.

My first Problem was to find out how to simply answer a mail without testing around or searching in this help forum. I think it is necessary to think for a redesign.
Posts like this should not be necessary: Can’t answer any mail

Some people are just ordinary users, an that is the way they think: :thinking: :confused: :-1:

Agree! CC @jan for design input

The issue is at – please always use the Mail app issue tracker. :slight_smile: