Mail App continues to be rubbish

Somehow this app survives despite being unusable. Horrible for workflow. Closes emails when writing them. Slow as molasses.

And any ticket just gets closed. The team on this app is not good.

Same story of years of updates etc. same overall poor performance and weakness of this platform.

Snappy Mail is the way. The set-up page could use some usability refinement, but features and performance are very satisfying, much more than the prohibitively slow Mail app.

Why don’t you contribute to the app then? It’s open source. Just head over to Github and start coding :wink:


Even if that were the case, they would at least try to create something that could be of use to people, which it definitely is for many users.

You, on the other hand, are just ranting without providing constructive criticism or saying anything else that could be of use to anyone.

Is there a specific closed issue you had in mind when you wrote this?