MacOS: Unchecked folders are not displayed?

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As per my understanding from the threads above, the folders(and files) exist on the (NextCloud) server or not at all. That is, if a user deletes the file from any of the synced devices, it is removed everywhere. There is no “make available offline” option at all. As a user if I wish to view the contents of the folder, I have to either:

Download the entire folder, or
Open the browser.

Would be great if in the local NextCloud folder the list of folders/files on the server was visible. If the user wanted to download a file, all he had to do was Open it or use a make available offline option in the context menu? The delete behavior could stay as it is.

Yes I posted to this a long time ago. EVERYONE is dismayed when they find out this is how it works. Comments from the developers seems to indicate they have no intention of changing this behavior. For this reason I have removed the device from our network and will never deploy another OpenCloud solution again.

Word for the wise developer: It is possible to create a killer “feature” and by killer, I mean it will kill the project. It’s also possible to exclude a vital feature accomplishing the same results.

Bob S

If I may ask, what have you deployed if not Open cloud solutions.

This particular feature I’ve referred to is available in OneDrive and Google Drive, which also have “Delete or Update for all” system.

What I do now is I backup each site to another site’s server. I have that luxury. This way any one of our sites could take a meteor strike and I can recover. I have a replica AD server at another site also so we can’t lose the domain database. I do local Veeam backups of our virtual machines.

Cloud backups are somewhat overrated in my opinion. The advantage OpenCloud would have given me is the ability to quickly sync tech documents between several of my technicians in house, but I wrote a module into my ERP app where I can submit documents to a SQL backend. It has versioning, checkout-checkin. Pretty handy.

So I don’t really have a need for an on premise cloud, or even internet cloud system anymore. And I know for a fact that I control the security to my data. With all the data breaches going on these days with some VERY secure sites, I have lost al confidence in cloud based storage.

Bob S