Macos_Nextcloud app sync keeps crashing

Hello there,

I have always used Nextcloud by web app, but then I started editing folders in a separated folder. Now I wanted to sync everything so I am using the nextcloud app for MacOs (latest version) to uploaded the new files and overwrite the new file versions without having to check folder by folder what is new.

The problem is that Nextcloud synced an 80% of the folders, and now it stopped working. As soon as I run the app, after 20 seconds it crashes and stops working - giving on some files “Network error: 99”

If you need any error logs, please let me know and guide me through how to get them.

Hope you can help me because I really need to sync these missing data (about 1GB)

thanks in advance!

Hi , IM having the same issue now after upgrading the Windows Client from 3.4.1 to the latest one. Any clues please? All other devices with old client still work and sync well.

OK so a little update , after the client update and refreshing all the sync folders the error doesn’t appear to be coming up any more. Although it would be good to know from some one @ NEXTCLOUD to advise what this error corresponds to so that we know where to start the trouble shooting from for the next time.

The logs would be a good starting point, and if the problem appears at a specific moment, that brings the logged events down to a few.
If it happens from one version to the other, then the bug tracker is a good point to look if someone reported similar problems. And if not, create a bug report.

Same problem here with Mac OSX 11.7 and Nextcloud client V3.6.1

Network error 99 and it consumpes 100% CPU. that might explain the “hang” of the application

Hi. I have the problem for weeks now, no synchronisation success between Nextcloud client V 3.6.2 with Mac OS Monterey 12.6. Same problem with another Mac user of our cloud, no problem at all for the Windows user with their Desktop client. I made a complete new installation of the client, no synchronisation possible. Would be nice to receive help. Thank you very much.

I experience the same problem with the NC app (on Windows and Debian) V 3.6.2, Server-Version 25.

Restoring/Downloading everything helps, but this is quite a pain, as the folders about 50G and more. (and the problem reappears sometimes)