macOS – How to KILL “Nextcloud Extensions” in Activity Monitor

Hi, I’ve got tons of “Nextcloud Extensions” in Activity Monitor. Using macOS Monterey on Intel Mac with Nextcloud app 3.10.1git (build 18409). I’ve got more than 300 of these extensions. I killed them all using the Activity Monitor. I also killed the Nextcloud app, and killed via Activity Monitor all the extensions. However, they’re back again even though Nextcloud app has been killed. So, my questions is where the daemons are hidden? I visited the usual LaunchAgents folder from root and home directory. I visited LaunchDaemons from root folder, and I see no Nextcloud PLISTs. The problem is that it seems Nextcloud app is failing and is spamming my server with endless HTTPS requests to the point psad installed on my server denied me access. Basically, I have to whitelist my IP in order to use Nextcloud app. So, there is a problem with that app on macOS. In the meantime, I prefer no longer use that app not behaving correctly with regard to my server. So, could you please tell me where to kill those daemons. Thank you.