macOS Desktop Client

I have tried multiple Desktop client pkgs on mac but after installation not any of the version is connecting with NextCloud.

It is giving this error:

and stays on login page. Can you please advise/help to set it up? We have checked on windows and it’s working fine on Windows machine.

Looking forward. TIA

@youteeee Have you been able to fix this? I think the developers screwed up the login flow and only support the new flow. I’m using Nextcloud 15.0.11 and I’m still using a special ownCloud client build (2.4.3) which supports h2.

As with many other parts of Nextcloud the priorities are rather on new features than fixing and stabilizing the core stuff. (I still think that Nextcloud is a great product (starting usually around N.0.5), but the dev process is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.)

@youteeee Sorry hearing of your mishap. However, I wonder which Desktop client pkgs you may have tried and why not sticking to the default NC desktop app?

Please have a look on the Mac OS X / macOS section at:

Hope this helps.