MacOS desktop client 3.4 (and 3.3) does not display entire messages

The window opened by clicking on the icon in the menu bar is not wide enough.
As you can see on the screenshot, I have problems ! But I cannot see exactely which ones because the window is too small to display the entire error messages.
We need a way to display these messages otherwise they are useless.


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I’m having the same issue with my user’s NC clients on Windows. My errors are different (“The file name is a reserved name on this system.”) but I’m unable to view the full path to the files or folders, to address the errors or have the desktop app ignore those files/folders.

It would be useful if we could horizontally resize the window, or click on the error to be taken to error details, or to the offending file/folder.

It’s impossible to read error messages in the popup menu and also in the settings menu. They get cut off and there’s no way to read the entire message which makes troubleshooting near to impossible.