macOS Client for Big Sur 11.7.10 - not working anymore after upgrade

With the recent macOS nextcloud client update the minimum macOS version was increased to 12.x. This means that Big Sur is not supported anymore which in turn means that my current Macbook Pro (late 2013) is not supported anymore.

Trying to downgrade to the legacy macOS client does not work either since macOS BigSur complains about not being able to scan the package for malicious software and denies the install of the legacy client.

This means I am currently stuck without working nextcloud client. And BTW the update process did not warn me about this in advance…

Does anyone have a suggestion how to get out of this situation short of buying a new laptop? Is downgrading to the last modern client that still supports Big Sur a viable option?

Any help highly appreciated…


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Did you find a reference why the version was increased? My automatic updates didn’t work for some time and I found myself with version 3.2.3 of the client and it said to install the latest 3.10.1 version. However, if that is not supported…, I didn’t know what to do and found no references:

And after the problems with the legacy client ([Bug]: Legacy Desktop Client crashes and doesn't sync files on MacOS Big Sur 11.7.10 · Issue #6179 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub), I didn’t want to install it either, since I have already used the 3.x version branch without problems (I didn’t do much either, but it seemd to work so far).

No, I haven’t looked at the sources yet. But, in any case I am not sure if my lack of macOS development background will allow me to really identify the reasons for this minimum version increase. Will post again if I have new information.

I was just asking, because I didn’t find anything quickly and was afraid to have missed something obvious. A user shouldn’t need to go through sources or commit messages to figure out why their system is or is not supported any more.

Have found this:

I do not think that this is entirely correct. According to my knowledge 11.x is still supported by Apple. Unfortunately, I did not find an official statement on the Apple websites. But this is what I found on

Hi, I had the same issue, went back one release - 3.9.4:

This one works as expected.

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Thanks for the information. Downloaded the older version and managed to install it - after manually removing the existing newer version.

I would still like to see continued support for Big Sur aka 11.x - at least as long as Apple supports this OS version. I will keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Same problem here with macOS Big Sur 11.7.10 getting this message. I’m going to try digdas1 recommendation now. “Nextcloud-” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

Thank you! I was having the exact same issue, running Big Sur and falling in the compatibility gap after the auto-update broke the app. It is a bit strange that NC devs let something like that happen; at least v. 3.9.4 should be featured on the NC download page for MacOS 11 users.
Now this previous version works OK, and I disabled auto-update in the preferences to avoid future trouble.

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I have the same problem, NC autoupdating to a not compatible version (wtf??). Now using GoodSync, which normally wouldn’t make sense. Why is everyone adopting the bad attitudes from Microsoft, Apple & Co.?? I don’t get it…


“NC autoupdating to a not compatible version (wtf??)” - thank you very much. this must be a bad joke. just experienced the same…

had the same issue/configuration (the updater shouldn’t have it installed in the first place) however, installed now NC 3.4.3


Unfortunately Apple has Stopped Supporting macOS 11 in September 2023 as has been notices by WesterDigital: Apple macOS End of Support
and here: Apple macOS |

Also: Always nice to see when even Apple stops publishing Release notes many versions prior to the last EOL Version…
macOS Big Sur 11.5 Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation (no release notes for 11.6 or 11.7)

But thank you for helping me fix my issue! Lets hope that this version will run for much much longer :slight_smile:

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