macOS client 3.10.1 not on Catalina?

I just got offered an update for the macOS client 3.10.1. Before I was on 3.10. all working fine on my 2013 iMac running Catalina (macOS 10.15.7). After the update installation was complete, a popup window said it can not run on my system.

why was I offered the update then in the first place? and how can I revert to my previous macOS client version?

thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately it is the same here. Is this a bug, or did the OS requirements changed?

Thank you for any information! (BTW: Great software!)

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PS: An additional information for the thread-opener justincognito:
Please download and install this package again. At least this solved my problems. Just to be sure I temporarily disabled the auto-update checkbox in the Client-settings.

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Thanks. I had to uninstall the client completely and installed 3.10 and all is fine again. I disabled the auto-updater and skipped version 3.10.1 in the updater.

same problem with mojave :frowning:

here you can find old releases:
and here the 3.10.0 (latest version without macos 12 requirement:

I hope Nextcloud is going to support Mojave again in 3.10.2.


I had the same problem.
The installer does not warn you that the new version is no longer compatible.

The new minimum version is macos 12 (Monterey), so macos 11 (Big Sur) was skipped.
Unfortunately, I can only update my macbook to Big Sur. I had hoped Nextcloud as opensource is longer backward compatible.

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Hello, I have the same problem on Os catalina.
I had to put old version client (3.3.6) but since I have no more synchronisation on my calendar thunderbird…

This thread was a lifesaver, I can confirm that 3.10.0 works in Catalina. Is there a bug report in Github for this? Shouldn’t this package be provided as an option alongside the current version and the legacy version on the website?

This should be marked as the solution to the query.

Start searching here: