Macos/CalDAV: unable to verify account of password

Hey everyone,

So here is the (unfortunate) deal. My macbook connects to my nextcloud account for reminders/calendar through CalDAV and for contacts (CardDAV, is it?). This has been going on very smoothly for a while.

Two days ago, the CalDAV connection stopped synching. MacOS started asking me for my CalDAV password and any attempt is met with “unable to verify account or password” (in system preference/internet accounts).

Meanwhile, contacts continue to sync properly, and my iOS phone continues to sync properly to all reminders/calendar/contacts.

The only notable change was an update to the latest Big Sur beta version. I further updated to Monterey in the hope that the issue was with that version of Big Sur, but the problem remains the same.

I have tried changing the app password a million times by now, but no single attempt is met with anything else than that error message. I have checked Little Snitch which does not seem to block any relevant connections.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.


PS: I have so far refrained from removing the CalDAV account entirely and re-adding it (for fear of messing things even more in my complex reminders/calendars).

Problem solved by the hosting service fixing an issue with their server.

Can you provide details of what the hosting service changed on their end? I am encountering the same problem and I do not know what to do.

Have the same problem. Waiting for a response.

How does that help me? How do you do that?