Mac Desktop client - folder permissions


i have impression that in the last days, possibly since using mac desktop client 3.13.2, folder permissions have gone from 755 to 777. I’ve checked this with
find . -type d -perm 0777 -ls.
My umask os still 0022 though. It also only seems to affect folders, since
find . -type f -perm 0777 -ls
shows nothing. Also, on the Nextcloud server itself the folders all have the same 755 permissions.

Has anybody else observed this? You need to look in a terminal session, the Finder won’t show this.
Is this a parameter somewhere (other than umask)? I haven’t found anything appropriate in the documentation.

I will have to do more extensive tests but if anybody could confirm or point me to the right documentation it would be helpful.


Thanks @mritzmann , I should have looked there in the first place.