Mac Clients often freeze / 3.1.1 under High Sierra (10.13.6)

The current mac client 3.1.1 isn’t the first “stable” build that behaves extremely unstable on my mac. It has an uptodate but “outdated” OS X (High Sierra 10.13.6) and my collegues that have the same cloud synced do almost never have any problems. They work on newest OSX, Linux and on Win 10. Our NC is 20 but I guess this doesn’t matter.

A typical behaviour is: I click on the icon and the process freezes (in fact and also according to the activity monitor). If I let it several minutes work, the window opens. But this drives me crazy );

What can I do?!

Thanks, Sebastian

I guess that the never versions are better tested.

To debug your problem, can you check your logfiles?