Mac client doesnt seem to sync Collectives

I dont see any files under the collectives folder on my mac. is this expected/normal behaviour?

well… to help you without any further informations would be impossible.

in a PM you wrote that it was a user error… So why not telling that in public? Things like this do happen. And tzhe forum lives from it’s answers… even if they are as simple as that: user error.

So I hope you learned for the next time: whenever you feel like posting a problem, first check on the forum if there’s an existing solution, already. In case there’s not, open a new thread and give out as many information you possibly can imagine about your server, your server environment etc.

And then, if you’ll find the solution yourself, don’t keept it from the community and share it, regardless of what it is.

I solved the issue, it was my mistake. there is no bug in nexcloud related to collectives sync with mac client

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Hi Jimmy

I am the user who made the error

I realized there was no bug and tried to remove the thread so it doesn’t look like there is a bug for no reason

but I don’t have rights to delete it so asking for help to delete the thread

well… now it’s too late to delete it… but for next time… if you only have a initial thread with no answers underneath it you can manually edit and delete all content…

And then system will automatically delete your thread after 48 hrs.

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