Mac Client crashes after some 3-5 days


I’m running the client on a macOS Sierra. Strange enough after (fresh) installation everything works fine (sync with two servers). However, after some 3 to 5 days (don’t know exactly) the nextcloud logo doesn’t show up any longer in the (what ever the name)line (top right). I cannot start nextcloud on a doubleclick on the logo as it starts nothing more than the animation of a program start. But no error message or nextcloud client is visible. System activity shows only the nexcloud extentions being active.

Even deleting from programs and and reinstalling the client doesn’t change any of the result (no start of the client). Only when I wiped the whole system I was able to install the nextcloud client that it started. But as I mentioned only for a couple of days.

Unfortunately I have no idea where on the Mac I could find logs of the client to support your guessing. So any idea where to start

in the meantime I found the logs.

However it is not too clear.

Can the installation of the mono-framework have anything to do with it? - that’s the only thing that possibly could be in a time connection with the crashing of the nextcloud client

I am really desperate as another Mac (macbookpro) runs it smoothly.

So any suggestion is welcome.

Because of various issues, I’m still using the original ownCloud client on mac which is less buggy. And you can directly report to their bug tracker. The Nextcloud version only brings some branding no extra functionality. When NC releases the 2.3.3 version, some of the issues are hopefully solved (certificate problems).

You can certainly report the bug on the NC bug tracker:


intersting enough when I tried the owncloud client the sync startet - I got some red Fields (operation canceled) and then it run for about 4 minutes. When I wanted to pause the sync it crashed. And it keeps crashing erverytime I start it.
So it must somehow be the systrem environment - I think.
Can the server Version (Nextcloud 9) be a reason for it?
Why doesn’t I reinstall the client helo - at least for a new start?

Also I found, that in parallel to the crash-report of nextcloud I also have crash report from “FinderSyncExt…” that makes a reference to nextcloud in the report. - does this help?

Nextcloud 9 is not supported any more! Please use a current supported version of Nextcloud.

To separate issues, you can connect to a test setup in order to see if there are issues with the client: