Lyric editor or pull for song playing from selection of sites or custom URL

Just wondered if lyrics could be looked up or perhaps stored within Nextcloud or both. Same as lookups for bands or tracks in Wikipedia etc. for general info which is a bit limited at present without integration at least.

A button/tick box to add them to the info screen and that can track the current song such as follow playback feature.

Manual entry would be fine if there are issues with APIs to lyric sites. Lyrics never change so it would be an add once process for a track, even if just adding and reading from ID3 tags once present.

Other than that its a great way to access my music via mobile on ultrasonic or subsonic and on the web anywhere else!

Did you notice that the Music app does already show any lyrics saved to ID3 tags? But there’s no support for automatic look-up from the internet nor for modifying the ID3 tags. Hence, some other application needs to be use to add those lyrics to the tags of the song.

Yes, I did, thanks.

It was in part that Lyrics in tags is not universally used, so most files tend not to have them. It would be a nice and useful thing to have it in the music app for adding as you listen rather than taking down syncing files locally and back up as thats not our primary interface to the the music - that and we have about 20K tracks!

Probably just our use case and a lazy nature then :wink: