Love NextCloud However.. Streaming

Love the progress with NextCloud, howerver, there seems to be a real lack of media support in many ways, like streaming.

How hard would it be to add a fork of SubSonic for eg: A bare bones version as an App?
Subsonic seems to handle streaming rather well, both audio and video.

Is that something that could be possible in future?

How hard would it be to add a fork of SubSonic

Surprisingly hard, if a project isn’t architected to work in a specific way from the start it can be a lot of work to shoe-horn something in later. Also SubSonic is java based and Nextcloud is PHP based. That’s an added layer of issues.

real lack of media support

Have you tried the Memories app for videos or the music app for audio? Memories has better transcoding support than Nextcloud does out of the box and performs well enough for streaming.

Typically you would use the tool that best suites the job. I use Jellyfin for accessing my DVD collection but I expose it’s data dir in Nextcloud via External folders to make adding files easier. I also use Authentik to provide SSO to make my experience using multiple tools more seamless.

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Thanks. I haven’t tried Memories, I assumed it was only for photos. Giving that a go now. I do use Music now, but it’s having some issues playing some media now, talking to the contributor now to try to see where the problem is.


Well Nextcloud was never designed for this particular usecase. I mean there are apps like Memories, that can stream video to some extent and even transcode it, and there are also a few music players. But at the end of the day Nextcloud is mainly meant to be a replacemet for Google Workspace, M365 or Dropbox.

Harder than just running a separate Subsonic server. :wink:

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I must say, I can see a huge potential here with NextCloud. There’s a real growing desire for people to want to have their own files hosted and be able to share and collaborate, chat etc. with them, all within their own private network.
There’s a call for this kind of thing and NextCloud can really take this on and be the all in one solution.
Share media, chat, watch a family video with relatives overseas and chat integrated with that.
Listen to music, also with chat integration.
All withing your own private server and network. No middleman censoring or spying.
Have a think about it Devs. I see a massive potential there that’s untapped and fragmented into apps for this, apps for that, etc. etc.

Either way, what the devs decide is the future for NextCloud is up to them. I just wanted to give my thanks and ideas.

I see your point. It would certainly be nice if you could have all your data in one place and it could interact with things like Nextcloud Talk and so on. Also, for users who are not particularly experienced in server administration, or simply don’t want to go to the trouble of running several separate services, it’s of course great if they can install an app with just one click that just works.

But that also comes with a price, because with every additional app it gets more complicated to maintain Nextcloud. Memories, for example, needs additional services and libraries to make transcoding work, Subsonic would also need a server component, and I’m not sure if you can implement that as a one-click app. And even if you can, you need to install a yet another third party app, which you have to check whether it is compatible with the latest version of Nextcloud before upgrading.

Nextcloud makes money with business customers, where the demand for such solutions is rather low, I would say. Even the officially supported Photos app is probably used little if at all in businesses.

That said, of course, it doesn’t mean that the community can’t and shouldn’t develop such apps, and as Memories proves, it can work quite well. Ultimately, however, someone has to do it. The Nextcloud GmbH is unlikely to directly invest money or developement time in this direction, unless there’s a demand from business customers for solutions like this, e.g. in the professional media / content creator area. But even then, such a solutions would probably look very different from what home users are looking for to manage and share their media collection.

Or to put it simply. I don’t think Nextcloud will ever be a full replacement for things like Plex, Jellyfin, Subsonic etc… And even if there are good community apps in certain areas, a dedicated solution will probably still be the better choice in many cases.

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Fair enough. I get that too. Although, Jellyfin, plex, kodi. It’s all the same really. I see Nextcloud as having something greater there and for business, that might be great too. In house media sharing, pdf and documents with integrated chat.
Imagine say, an engineering dept, sharing video of a new design, the others in the team and chat and share ideas for eg.
I’m not sure there really is a total solution like this.

But, i’m no expert in the technical side of how this is done, so I understand and respect other views. I can see the potential though.

Yes, I think we’ll definitely see a lot of improvements for this particular usecases, because colabaroratin is of course the main use case for solutions like Nextcloud, and multimedia in general is becoming an increasingly important part in all kinds of organisations and projects, and improvements like this can then of course also be beneficial for home users.

However, it probably won’t play the latest 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos Linux ISO over Talk, and a Subsonic server probably also won’t be on a company’s list of requirements any time soon. :wink:

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Thanks. I think it will head in the direction that it will. I just wanted to throw in my thoughts. I can see something great coming from this, bot for home users who just want to share family videos with others in another country and chat, to business who want to keep all their data in house and have the same features.

For now, I’m enjoying using it regardless and it’s a great tool.

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