Lots of windows registry "ACCESS DENIED" and "NAME NOT FOUND" in sysinternals Process Monitor

Spent a few minutes poking around my windows 10 computer using the Process Monitor tool from sysinternals, noticing a bunch of repeating entries for Nextcloud.exe relating to unsuccessful registry attempts, is this noteworthy, or normal?


Otherwise things seem to be functioning with the nextcloud client on this computer.

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there is no reason to take care about this “errors”… until you hit any issue. you will see lot of similar errors for every software you are using. the main reason is - there are lot of places where one could store information in the registry and the software (libraries/modules) are made to check all of this places.

Thanks for looking at it - These kind of indications seemed to be unique to nextcloud for me, although I was only recording events for a few seconds.

Are these many extra interactions with the registry possibly impactful on system performance?

Seems to me like the software could find the successful location(s) on an initial setup, then establish a setting, then stop looking in the unsuccessful places - but maybe the benefits to cleaning up the clutter is not really worth this kind of effort.

this may be out of control of the devs - because they likely use libraries which implement such behaviour. despite the fact it would add useless complexity to the product if you try to remember the place where your settings are stored (from the list of possible places) this might be against best practices and even against design guidance of the OS vendor. e.g. in Windows the software is expected to search for DLLs and registry settings in specific order - so one can assume some preferences. given the situation some settings does not exists - if tomorrow somebody creates a setting in more preferred location it would be bad if the software ignores it only because it didn’t exist yesterday. this already a good enough reason to check multiple registry/file paths when looking for something.

Appreciate the discussion, makes enough sense to me.