Lot of problems with Nextcloud

For with just as without log output. Nextcloud 11 equal Nextcloud 1? I have several problems with this software that I have with other programs> Baikal, Roundcube does not have. How to publish such a software on the market? Please make the basics right before you publish any new features. That was not the same with Owncload.

I just moved this post away because it was not really related to the post.

You haven’t seen the early versions of ownCloud :smiley: Nextcloud works on a lot of different environments, different webserver, … not all problems are directly related to NC itself. If you run it on your own server and handle updates carefully, it can be pretty stable.

If you want to compare, you need software that fulfills a similar task. You could say Seafile & Baikal run much better and are much easier to update.

Can you point to the problems you had with NC? Compared to ownCloud they added some feature to attract more users. All improvements to the open-source version of ownCloud can be backported to Nextcloud, so it should fix all bug found there as well. I’m not sure about the feedback of their customers and of other not-paying users, at some points I’d prefer some consolidation (just flawlessly working contact and calendar app) before adding too much fancy features that still cause a lot of problems.

Oh no. Since felt 100 versions always the same. I try times more often in Nextcloud / Owncloud purely and always have problems, which I do not have with other webapplicationen.

A lot of my colleagues think that NC and OC should rather focus on the basics instead of incorporating new features. Productively, I would not want to use this piece of software.

Basics are not calendars or contacts. Basics are uploading, deleting and distributing files. And when I can not even add more email addresses to reset from the password (version 11), the whole system is unusable.


this general “nothing works”… Doesn’t help us to improve Nextcloud and doesn’t help you to get your problems fixed. So please stay focused. Describe the exact problem or feature request and then we can discuss and fix it.

Let’s try to start with this one. What’s the exact problem? You want to have the possibility that a user can have more than one email address?

The problem I have already described in “Connection from” Server lost "and if you do not know, I do not know. And no, I will now not screw up the DebbugLevel and look for logs.

My wish would be to uninstall / update only a single time NC / OC and there are no problems. You do not need to make any further efforts, I only test NC / OC from time to time. I throw NC first again from the system. Perhaps I have the nerves.

Are you trolling us @debianer?

Stop! Who is trolling, if NC / OC, as long as it is, could never install without problems?

Let’s close this discussion here. If you have a specific problem, please open a new thread and give more details about the problem (environment used, logfiles etc.)