Lost logging ability in NC 11

After installing NC 11, I noticed it was generating a lot of log error messages from a particular app I forced to work (forced it by changing the maximum allowed version), and it does work…with some errors).

So, while playing around, I turned off all logging in the admin page.

Now, there appears to be no mechanism to turn any logging back on. Looks to me like a bug, or else the button to turn logging back on is in some obscure location.

I’ll edit the system files directly if needed…that is not a problem. But how should I handle this?

How did you turn it off? Normally you can change the loglevel on the admin page, do you mean this?

Yes. In the bar at the top of the page was (IIRC) three dots. I clicked, and had the ability to set log level. I unchecked everything. Result is a basically blank admin page (the sidebar is there, as is the top bar which lets me choose my user things or which apps I wish to be running), with an icon in the middle telling me everything is fine and there are no logs.

Well, that’s OK. But I’ve also apparently lost the ability to turn any logging back on.

That looks like a bug. Can you report this at the bugtracker on github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

You can set the loglevel to 0 in your config/config.php. It doesn’t bring back the logreader, perhaps you have to wait for some logs being created.

Yeah I am the same just tells me "No server logs

Everything is working fine"

Report this bug to the bug tracker. Tell the steps you did to disable/change the logging. Normally if you do such changes via webinterface, it should be possible to undo them as well.

I am doing another reinstall, just getting to grips with Nextcloud and getting up to speed.
Swapped to Debian and PHP 5.6
Just testing… :slight_smile:

So I am just posting here first with my Noob findings and as I get a bit more used to the software I will.
Just not yet as its prob me, but was just checking.