Loosing files after sync with linux client

The following happened to me:

  1. Before all my files where synced with windows clients only
  2. I installed the linux nextcloud client on an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop
  3. I started to sync all the files.
  4. The linux client did not show any issues and once everything was synced the client status was green.
  5. But when I was looking at the nextcloud files I realized that files like “Übersicht_2017.txt” have been renamed to “?bersicht_2017.txt”
  6. Actually all special characteristics have been translated to “?”
  7. The issue now is that the server started to sync the windows clients with the new filename!
  8. But windows can’t handle files with a “?” and thus they got deleted.

That’s the status quo. I just started investigating but I wonder if anyone came across the same problem?
I would be really grateful for some advice or strategies on how to get it fixed :slight_smile:
Please note approx. 2.000 files are affected! So I don’t want to do it manually!

The server is a CentOS 7.3 installation

Kind regards

You can change the filename encoding to utf-8:

Probably something which should be handled correctly by the client @rullzer

Hi tflidd,

thanks for the valueable input. Indeed this was a problem with the locales. Actually I overlooked to creat the utf german locales. I couldn’t use the solution TauSys was proposing. An unfortunate chain of events finally forced me to do all the renaming manually. However some scripting helped to get done a bit faster.
Anyway lesson learned, be careful when it comes to enconding and different filesystems :wink:


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