LOOLWSD not cleaning up files in /tmp/convert-to


we are using Collabora Online installed from the official package repos.

Installed version of package loolwsd: 3.4.0-8

It seems like whenever Collabora Online does a conversion, for example when exporting to PDF or opening .docx files LOOLWSD puts these temporary files into /tmp/convert-to. But it never cleans them up. This means that the filesystem where /tmp resides gets filled up over time. For /var/cache/loolwsd the loolwsd package brings a cronjob (in /etc/cron.d/loolwsd) to remove files after a certain period, but there is no such cronjob for /tmp/convert-to.
Can anyone confirm this behavior? Was this also the case for earlier versions?

Some time ago, I had the CODE (3.3.x probably) docker container running out of disk space after a while, but I didn’t investigate the cause back then. Either restarting the container or re-creating it based on the image resolved the issues for the moment and so far it did not happen again.

However, a filling /tmp filesystem may well have been the culprit.

Hi, I can confirm that, I had to clean 1.3 GB in /tmp/convert-to
My version is 3.4.1-1, I can’t say exactly which versions have the same problem, I can only say it has been going on for a long time

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It’s still the same issue with CODE 4.0rc2.

Is there any official way to actually report bugs in CODE (or packaging) to Collabora?

I’m aware it’s a development environment without any support, but I’d assume one intention of Collabora to provide it would be to get early feedback about problems / malfunctions.

This “cleanup problem” probably is not one of those they are interested to hear about (it surely does not affect their commercial offings) but I still wonder how e.g. to report malfunctions in CODE itself during normal operation?

It’s an issue in LibreOffice Online which astonishingly had not been reported and seems to have been unknown to them until I wrote a report:


The issue was just confirmed and I’m looking forward for a proper fix.