Looking for the most simple reverse proxy for my nextcloudplus (and bitwarden-docker)

i use nextcloudplus (ncp) on a raspberry pi since a few years and really love it.
Everything works fine, but now i would like to make everything perfect.

That means i would like to link to my selfhosted server by a subdomain of my webspace.

This works by CNAME - i can connect to my ncp - but i also would like to connect to the bitwarden-docker on the same machine, only another port.

I learnt that i

  • need a reverse proxy
  • nginx proxy does not run on a ncp-server, because it uses apache (not nginx)
  • traefik-docker is not recommended to use with ncp

So i read some apache reverse proxy tutorials but this is so complicated!

Is there really no other easier way to solve my issue?

I’m not clear on exactly what problem you’re trying to solve, to be honest. Normally the reverse proxy becomes necessary when you want to take connections on the same port as the proxy will differentiate them by SNI.

I’m not familiar with bitwarden-docker.

If you want to look at an example Apache reverse proxy configuration, I have one in this guide.

Hi Karl,
great tutorial that i found with duckduckgo before ;),
but my problem is i need a tutorial especially for nextcloudplus (aka nextcloudpi).

I am still a newbie and i am really afraid to mess sth up. I also think that in ncp is a lot prepared too that i do not have to install/configure (i.e. the letsencrypt-bot).

I have only 2 services:

  • nextcloud and
  • bitwarden

I reach nextcloud by CNAME because it uses port 80 but i cannot connect to bitwarden on the same machine but with port 1234.

This is the scenario of a reverse proxy, right?

Would be glad if there were a more simple solution…

i think i will clone my nextcloud-server and try your Tutorial.
I am pretty sure that i will need your help soon but let’s see…